Mel Smith

Studio Director/Barber/Hairstylist

Mel is a short length, barber expert and loves to do any cutting styles! The idea of inclusivity to Mel is providing a safe space for everyone to express themselves how they want to. Making everyone around her feel comfortable with themselves, and with the energy that she projects.

She believes that inclusivity is accepting everyone for who they are, and how they want to present themselves. Specifically in the shop! “It is vital in creating an environment for anyone who walks in the door that they feel safe and confident that they can receive the same care/service they deserve.”

Mel is also an avid reader, and loves to check out new coffee shops/bars. She loves fitness, and goes to the gym religiously, goes on hikes, and enjoys spending time with her friends/family. If Mel could do any type of vacation it would be somewhere in the mountains with a group of people that she cares about.

She would love to be rock climbing, setting up her hammock, and reading a good book next to the campfire. She would love be able to fly and see the world from a different point of view. While flying, she would reminisce about driving with her best friend to their favorite spot, and dancing to music with all the doors open. She could literally eat waffles all day. She loves all breakfast food, and believes waffles can be made in so many different ways to keep it interesting.

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With our hair studio, we hope to provide a space for people to express themselves without boundaries or labels. We believe everyone should feel welcomed, accepted, and celebrated in their skin when they come to us.