Joshua Lucero

Owner/Cutting Specialist

Joshua is the owner of Lucero Hair and Wellness and Lucero Hair Care. He got into this industry to find a better life for himself, and being able to give inclusive and creative services to people is one of his life goals. He has been able to share his knowledge and travel to some beautiful places that he loves so much. His favorite destinations are Portugal and Kauai.

Besides traveling with his partner, Nate, he loves to play with their 2 dogs and take them out into nature. He is an avid reader and enjoys books in any genre. The sun gives him more joy than most things. He would love to have the ability to fly, in order to go anywhere he wants. And to see the world from a different point of view. While he’s traveling, especially to Mexico, he can eat his weight in tacos. Any and all flavors! His motto is “Tacos are for every meal! You can put anything on them!”

Featured work:

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