Nathan Katz

Barber/Cutting Specialist

Nathan Katz is a shoe in for best instructor, but he is also a creative haircut specialist. He loves cutting hair and giving a luxurious experience. For Nate, inclusivity means providing an environment where anyone, no matter their race, religion or identification can feel confident when they sit in his chair. It’s a 100% judgment free zone. He loves getting perspective from peoples stories from all upbringings!

In his free time, Nate likes to cycle around Salt Lake, go to a show at Wiseguys or spend time with his animals and my friends. An ideal vacation for him would be to go to Indonesia to explore the part of the world where Orangutans and Reticulated Pythons live, Nate is a snake breeder and enthusiast. His hobbies range from playing drums, singing and working out. He would love to have the power of telekinesis, just to be able to lift things even heavier than he already can.

One of his favorite memories would be picking up his Toy Poodle Rex at 14, and him being attached from the very first moment they met. He could eat tacos forever because of how versatile they are! You can put anything on a taco!

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With our hair studio, we hope to provide a space for people to express themselves without boundaries or labels. We believe everyone should feel welcomed, accepted, and celebrated in their skin when they come to us.