Lishette Rosales


Lishette is our color specialist and can help you achieve any look! For her, inclusivity is for everyone to feel valued and respected. To have equal rights among every human, allowing them to feel welcomed/included, no matter the circumstance.

In her free time, she loves spending time with her siblings. Her other love would be sipping wine & painting, but on the weekends you can also catch her out dancing. Her ideal vacation is to go to Bora Bora, I mean who doesn’t want that? She would love to see the clear blue water and stay in the huts. She would see all the sea and fish she could, swim all day, and sip on a tequila sunrise.

Her hobbies are singing, drawing, & long-boarding. She would choose to teleport if she could, so she can just snap her fingers and be in Mexico or the beach whenever she wants. Her favorite memory would be spending time with her grandma, shopping for tiny teacup sets when she was younger – it was always their thing when she was here. If she could choose one food to eat forever, it would be Posole. She can eat bowl after bowl of her mom’s posole and not get tired of eating it…especially because of the mixed spices and all the great flavors.

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With our hair studio, we hope to provide a space for people to express themselves without boundaries or labels. We believe everyone should feel welcomed, accepted, and celebrated in their skin when they come to us.