The Creatives Manifesto


The guide to changing your financial freedom and to create more financial success!



Welcome to the future of your own career, business, and just overall success. We invite you to take this commitment seriously and invest in yourself. The Creatives Manifesto for Success is all about tracking your daly habits and finding out how much you are actually making and spending. This will help you determine product costs, daily income, and overall Profit and Loss statistics.

If you are not already doing this in your daily work, you are probably falling behind in many places in your life. Knowing your profit and loss statistics will literally help you change your bad life habits into good habits. Spending money on what you want may be a dream of yo9urs, and this is a useful tool to do that.

Along with purchasing the printable PDF, you will have the opportunity to connect with Joshua Lucero, owner of Lucero Hair and Wellness, for a 1 time, 30 minute check in to help you learn about the process of this information. You may also invest in future calls with Joshua to begin changing your financial success over time.

This manifesto is for individual use, business owner use, or booth rental use. Not made specifically for commission or employee based creatives. This can also be for any beauty professional in any industry to truly maximize their knowledge of financial success.