Nathan Chandler


Nathan is Joshua’s assistant on Mondays here at Lucero Hair and Wellness. He has a passion for the beauty industry, as well as the world of baking. In addition to being a licensed barber/stylist, he also owns and operates a bakery in Pocatello Idaho. He has been baking professionally for 10 years and his storefront just turned two! He mainly does pastry based and loves making croissants and French macarons. Stop by the salon, you never know you might just find some baked goods waiting for you.

He is the proudest dad to two golden doodles Hazel and Xen. They are a giant ball of energy and he spends most of his time trying to keep up with them. He lives with his partner of 8 years, Josh, on a 1 acre floral farm, where he grows a wide variety of florals for local flower shops. Hazel and Xen have lots of room to roam around and they love to boss around their 6 chickens. They couldn’t have a more beautiful backyard during the summer months! As for the winter months, of which he is not a fan, he leaves as much as he can and loves to get to Palm Springs as often as possible!

He loves the ocean and anything aquatic life and can be found many afternoons fascinated with the ocean life at aquariums. You will never find a bigger cotton candy and snow cone connoisseur than Nathan, and he loves to try every kind he can find! 

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