Amanda Sojourn


Amanda is a top-notch barber and likes to color on the side. For her, inclusivity means equality. Providing respect and comfort, no matter the color, race, or gender, and allowing the same opportunities for all people.

In her free time, she loves going on hikes with friends and her dog Olly. Her love for mountains in the summer is undeniable. The Uintas are for sure her favorite. She loves a good tropical vacation, surrounded by the sounds of the ocean, sandy beaches, and fresh air. Her hobbies are sports! Including flag football and volleyball (indoor and sand). She also loves cooking some good, old-fashioned, comfort foods.

If she could have any superpower, she would like the power of teleportation. To be anywhere she wanted in a short second would be absolutely rad. She’d go everywhere and anywhere! A food that she could live forever on, would be tacos. Tacos, quesadillas, nachos….if she could eat tacos every day, she would. Her mother’s side is Mexican, so she grew up with her grandmother making fresh tortillas for dinners.

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